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Life / Alive / Enliven 

The alive as a partner.

It is political.

It is philosophical and it is physical. Karine Blanche develops her universe through different senses. She weaves scent, video, painting and music in her daily practice as in installation or live performance.

This free way of thinking, reading and working arises from her experience  and relation to  her environment.

Non-human is the motto of Karine Blanche Emmanuelle, the base of her research questioning her place as a human and as an artist. Offering to her ego maybe an other role.

When engaging in an art project she tries not to intervene too much and captures the process itself.


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Drawing as an art of divination 

In her drawing and painting practice, she tracks the root of words  and map their trajectories. The act of writing and the act of drawing melt as if we could redraw the path, transform the present or tell the future.


Karine Blanche ritualizes and celebrates collaborative processes between humans and non humans...

She like to give a space for the relation to unfold.


She creates in  her settings (performance & video) tension between bodies and environment,

Urban environment, domesticated nature or primary rainforest and gives back a responsible posture to the observers.


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"What is my limit ? What is my nature ? I like to confronte me with different kind of matter. Maybe to question this matter in me, what I am made of... From intense to subtle one. It can be concrete bodies, colors, smells or sounds, they are the same for me, they move me. Maybe they are from the same source... but with different qualities. 

How do I react to them, what does it make to my body, how does my body want to response to it.


What is really my "body"?

I don't want to have a specific idea about what it is or who I am.

I am not interested about my Persona but about my humanity.

Am I a choreograph or a sacred dancer, a painter or a medium, a musician or a pretress, a human or a goddess, an artist or a healer?  Yes and no.

Yes and no.

I am a being responsable of its own health and wealth." 

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