This first workshop is an introduction to your sens of smell. Entering, sensing, describing, exploring and developing our abilities of smelling and all it is linked to.

Animality & humanity, authenticity, memories, sensitivity, intimacy & connections...

It all starts with an everyday smell....

3 hours 



  1. Approaching molecule theories and composition.

  2. Exploring structures of perfume and "notes".

  3. Composing your own Harmony

Like in music, you learn theory & you will play & Work on at least a 3 tones chord as the beginning of your own Symphony Scent.

6 hours

20 essences study



{Je suis} Collection is a high quality natural products line.

{Je suis} connects  our expression of Life. Each of this scents is build around different human or natural archetype -like season, thanks to the qualities of plants, their dynamic and essences.. 

What impulse is it for you ? 

Where does it leads you ?


100% Natural

Based on alcohol or Jojoba Oïl

30, 50 or 8ml


Creating an individual scent can take between 3 to 6 months. ... 


Spirit of Scent

This is the walk trough an historical, emotional, and sensitive journey to identify and  definite the core of your communicating wishes. 


Spirit of Material

Choosing the different essences & materials that will translate the best the first step and outline the basic of its Architecture.

Accord is a formule around 3 notes

Harmony is a formule with 5 notes

Symphony is at least a 7 notes composition! 

Plants have developed means of communication that fascinated her.

A communication that humans share through skin, nose, lung, an invisible touch that affects each cells of our body. A trans-species pollination ...


Wether we like it or not, we are part of it.

A kind of empathy, an intimacy to still be reveled.

Plants and humans share their bodies.

Karine Blanche studied plants, botanic, traditional uses and scientific approaches.  She learned not only about plants and trees but also about humans and the relation between human/plants and plants/human

"Our skin is that membrane that breath and is "porous" to the world and our nose, the space where the outworld meet the inner world, the space that brings us back to Life."

Karine Blanche creates for you an individual scent.



Nose #2 is an exploration of different uses of smells in combination of other forms of art. Installation, stage, performance/music...

We will start with the material built in Nose#1 and will inquire different settings. The world of synesthesia is widened to combine visual and/or sonic world with the act of creating and/or diffusing smell.

On the base of collaboration and togetherness we will combine individual and small groups investigation.

© 2020 by Karine Blanche Emmanuelle