Karine Blanche Emmanuelle Seror

Born in Paris, France in 1970

Lives & works in Vienna, Austria

She graduated a Master in Economy (Paris -1993), she uses as an artist, in her reflexion on wealth and in a larger scale on evolution.

In her research on economy and art she crossed the way of theater and worked with renowned figures as Jerzy Grotowski and Armand Gatti. She collaborated with the last one and had the chance to be initiated in dramaturgy by him (Paris -1994/97).

In 2008, she started integrating Alive into her work as biology and botanic. Triggered by different concept of the human body, she researched on traditional medicine and alternated scientific work with artistic one or care practices, gave a special focus on plants, as archetype and connected it to the human sense of smell.

She lately collaborated with the Botanical Garden of Paris, the University of Pharmacology of La Sorbonne in France and Tanzquartier in Vienna.

Today, she relates this worlds into interdisciplinary interventions as audio, video, installation, text and performance.




Theater / Visual Art / Dance Performance

Botanic / TCM Medicin


1994 - Japan contemporary art

1997 - Theater La Maison de l'Arbre - Montreuil - France

2000 - J'étais, Je Suis, Je serais

Social Project Paris

2011 - Botanical Sensitive Research - University of pharmacology - Mairie de Paris


2005 - Iceland - Akureyri

2007 - Belgrade - Serbie

2010 - Botanical Garden ParisBotanical 2017 - Panama, Colombia, Peru. ​Tropic 08 N