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Karine Blanche Emmanuelle Seror

Born in Paris, France in 1970

Lives & works in Vienna, Austria

Graduated from a Master in Economics in Paris -1993, she uses this experience in her reflection on the common and relations between human and non-human.
In her research of the intersection between art and economy, she worked with renowned personalities such as Jerzy Grotowski and Armand Gatti who introduced her to dramaturgy (Paris -1994/2000). The individual and the social take a completely different direction in her theatre experiences and she begins to implement projects on the theme of community. It is on the initiative in 1997 after a road accident of an association to fight against illetrism in the so-called disadvantaged neighbourhoods of Paris and theater actions in collaboration with the National Education, the families and the cultural actors of these districts are supported by the Ministry of Culture until 2005.
Karine takes a more personal artistic path around the theme of injury and travels to the former Yugoslavia where she leads the gesture of sewing and history of reparation. She presents a work at the Sabac National Museum in Serbia in reference to the reconstruction stories.

In 2008, she began to integrate the concept of living in her work through biology and botany. In research around plants and resilience, it is setting up a collaboration between the Jardin Botanique de Paris and the pharmacopoeia faculty for a more contemporary
vision of the "medicinal square", a place for gathering but also for presenting plant life to the general public.

In 2012 she moved to Vienna for love.

Triggered by a different concept of the human body, she researched on traditional Chinese medicine and alternates scientific work with artistic or care practices. Her particular emphasis on plants, as an archetype, allowed her to highlight the non-human agentivity that she continues to approach in her interdisciplinary interventions that combine audio, video, installation, text and performance.

She developed a specific language through smells and translate it in the realm of movement, sound and visual art.

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